May 1, 2009


"Spider", monoprint and relief wood print


"Tree", relief reduction wood print, 14" x 18"

LInear Obsession

"Linear Obsession", relief print, 14" x 18"

April 21, 2009


This piece is one of my favorite work so far. This is a two step reduction print. Relief Print, 2008

Fertility Beauty

This is the first project for Relief Printmaking. The image is originated from a previous sketch. This illustration is about fertility. Relief Printmaking, 2009

March 13, 2009

Tofu pudding

This project we were asked to repackage an existing product. I have choose to repackage the container for Tofu pudding from a small local company called Chang Shing. My goal was to introduce this produce into Americanize supermarket and to a more variety customers.

Western Digital- My Passport

I have choose portable hard drives from the brand Western Digital for this project aim on sustainability. By using a reusable case as the package will help reduce environmental waste on packaging. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, 2008

Oak Street Fair Poster

This poster is for a freelance job. Illustration for promotion on an annual event hosted by non-profit organization. The final illustration was printed for brochure, poster and T-shirt. Adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator, 2008

Printmaking- etching

Drypoint printed on paper, 2008
Etching on copper plate printed on paper, 2008
Etching and aquatint on copper plate printed on paper, 2008


Experiment of monprint, 2008

Word and image

Design projects that incorporated word into image
"When fortune calls, offer her a chair.", collage, acrylic paint and adobe photoshop, 2008

Using limited color (red, blue and white) for poster, adobe photoshop and illustrator, 2008

Travel with Shakespeare

In this project, I was asked to illustrate six poems by Stanislaw Batanczak, each of his poems being about one of the plays by Shakespeare. Since I noticed that all six of the plays are tragedies, I have incorporated elements from the plays into my illustrations of different board game, something that i believe suggest fun. My goal was to evoke the interest of young children to Shakespeare literture through the experience of seeing these illustration and partipate to the games.

Illustration of Julius Caesar, drypoint eching on paper, 2008

Illustration of Macbeth, watercolor on paper, 2008

Nono and snoopy

A piece inspirited by a personal joke. It was this piece where i first try applying paint with a brayer, acrylic paint on board, 2007

Steveie's Acorn

A panel from a narrative children book story, acrylic paint on board, 2007

Once Upon A TIme...

OncE UPoN A TiME... there was a Giant Lizard fell from the sky......

A few panels from a narrative story, mix media(watercolor and conte crayon) on paper, 2007

Open window

oil paint on canvas board, 2007


Oil painting of the interior of a theater, 2007

Still and motion

Human study on foot and hand, pencil and charcoal on paper, 2007

Oil Painting

Human figure painted from real live model, oil painting on canvas, 2007.

Trip of goat

Trip of Goat - Mix media (conte crayon, gouache, watercolor) on paper, 2007

Celestial Seasoning

2006 work- design image and package for tea brand Celestial Seasoning, gouache and adobe illustrator and photoshop

CD cover

CD cover, watercolor on paper, 2006


Image inspirited by the brand, Timberland, gouache on board, 2006


Pencil and charcoal piece for technical drawing, 2006

March 11, 2009

Dragon Blockprint

Carved aluminum block print. Repeatedly printed with water based ink on rice paper, 2004.